1 /'menSFn/ verb (T)
1 to talk about something or someone in a conversation, piece of writing etc, especially without saying very much or giving details: As I mentioned earlier, this has been a very successful year for our company. | Jill mentioned something about a party on Saturday. | Was my name mentioned at all? | mention sth to sb: I mentioned the idea to Joan, and she seemed to like it. | mention (that): He mentioned that he was having problems, but he didn't explain. | it is worth mentioning that (=this is a useful or important piece of information): It's worth mentioning that the new regulations don't actually come into force until next year.
2 don't mention it spoken used to say politely that there is no need for someone to thank you for helping them: "Thanks for the ride home!" "Don't mention it."
3 not to mention used to introduce an additional thing that makes a situation even more difficult, surprising, interesting etc: They already take pension and social security payments off my pay, not to mention state taxes.
4 mention sth in passing to mention something quickly without paying much attention to it: Sue mentioned the party in passing, but I couldn't go.
5 above mentioned/mentioned above mentioned earlier in a piece of writing
6 mentioned in dispatches BrE honoured for being brave in a battle by being mentioned on an official list
2 noun (countable usually singular, uncountable) the act of mentioning something or someone in a conversation, piece of writing etc: Just the mention of her name still upsets him. | there's no mention (=something is not mentioned): There was no mention of any trip to Holland in his diaries. | get a mention (=be mentioned when someone is talking or writing about something): I didn't even get a mention in the list of contributors. | make no mention (=not say anything about): He made no mention of his wife's illness to me. —see also: honourable mention

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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